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THE ARCHIVE FOR RESEARCH IN ARCHETYPAL SYMBOLISM (ARAS) "...is a pictorial and written archive of mythological, ritualistic, and symbolic images from all over the world and from all epochs of human history. The collection probes the universality of archetypal themes and provides a testament to the deep and abiding connections that unite the disparate factions of the human family.

The ARAS archive contains about 17,000 photographic images, each cross-indexed, individually mounted, and accompanied by scholarly commentary. The commentary includes a description of the image with a cultural history that serves to place it in its unique historical and geographical setting. Often it also includes an archetypal commentary that brings the image into focus for its modern psychological and symbolic meaning, as well as a bibliography for related reading and a glossary of technical terms."

TAMU Press released all their books for free download in the Fay Lecture Series on Analytical Psychology 

The International Association for Jungian Studies - The IAJS exists to promote and develop Jungian and post-Jungian studies and scholarship on an international basis. The IAJS is a multidisciplinary association dedicated to the exploration and exchange of views about all aspects of the broader cultural legacy of Jung's work and the history of analytical psychology. Through the development of Jungian and post-Jungian studies, the IAJS aims to aid the understanding of contemporary cultural trends and the history of psychological and cultural tendencies. 

THE JUNG 2.0 "...web site is for those who are interested in a "progressive Jungian psychology", a Jungian psychology that is conscious of the danger of obsolesce of contemporary psychotherapies in general . . . and is dedicated to trying to make Jungian thinking viable in the 21st century. The members of this community are especially open to learning from and incorporating modern sciences (specifically evolutionary psychology and neurobiology). It is not afraid to suggest and debate revisions and offer constructive criticisms of both Jungian thinking and Jung's original ideas and writings. The articles available on this page introduce readers to progressive and thought provoking views of Carl Jung and his psychology."

QUADRANT: THE JOURNAL OF THE CG JUNG FOUNDATION - The C.G. Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology, founded in 1962, is dedicated to helping men and women grow in conscious awareness of the psychological realities in themselves and society, find healing and meaning in their lives, reach greater depth in their relationships, and live in response to their discovered sense of purpose. The Foundation is located in its mid-Manhattan brownstone, which it shares with the other institutional members of the C.G. Jung Center.

Shrink Rap Radio - All the psychology you need to know and just enough to make you dangerous

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  • Wikisource - A wiki we are building to share quality information on personality type, with video and text
  • Media Library - A collection of high quality videos on personality types
  • Discussion Forums- Member discussion on personality types including Enneagram and the 16 Types

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