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408 Franklin Street

Buffalo, NY 14202



Publicity forum: How can we promote programs and presentations at the Buffalo CG Jung Center

Started by Mark K Warford Mar 3. 0 Replies

Frank and I have been trying different traditional and web-based ways of promoting participation in CG Jung Center programs and presentations: Fb, Meetups, this website, Constant Contact,…Continue

Jung on the Street

Started by Frank Beurskens Feb 23, 2010. 0 Replies



The purpose of the Analytical Psychology Society of Western NY is to study and share the work of C.G. Jung and related contemporary thought.

APSWNY / CG Jung Center

Analytical Psychology Society of Western New York

The CG Jung Center
408 Franklin Street, Side Entrance
Buffalo, NY 14202
Phone: 716 854 7457 - please leave message

Questions or coments:

"I have been compelled, in my investigations into the structure of the unconscious, to make a conceptual distinction between soul and psyche. By psyche, I understand the totality of all psychic processes, conscious as well as unconscious. By soul, on the other hand, I understand a clearly demarcated functional complex that can best be described as a "personality". (Jung, 1971: Def. 48 par. 797)


Blog Posts

Wolfgang Giegerich - Select articles by and about

Posted by Frank Beurskens on October 17, 2013 at 9:30am 1 Comment

"The soul is no longer where it once was. And as painful as it may be, it is our job to follow suit in our thinking and acquire a new definition of what is soulful today by allowing ourselves to be taught by the real movement of the soul itself. It is our psychological job finally to own and acknowledge physics and technology as inalienable parts of our soul work. This would require that our consciousness undergo a revolution with respect to its categories and that we learn to see…


A list of running questions on Hillman's Re-Visioning Psychology for the Tuesday Nov. 12th meeting of 'The Road After Jung' reading/discussion group

Posted by Mark K Warford on October 16, 2013 at 9:42pm 0 Comments

We had a great first meeting last Tuesday, which ended up focusing on Hillman's biography and typology (-NT-?). There is still a gold mine of good stuff in 'Revisioning Psychology' yet to explore, so the consensus seems to be that we'll stay with this book for the next meeting at the Buffalo CG Jung Center: Tuesday, Nov. 12th, 7:30pm. Frank…


The Tension of the Opposites - Article

Posted by Frank Beurskens on May 24, 2013 at 7:00pm 0 Comments

The Tension of the Opposites

by Paul Levy

C. G. Jung articulated very eloquently the archetypal descent into the unconscious. He realized that when you go into the psyche you are invariably going to meet "the problem of the opposites." This is that double-bind that is at the root of our self-consciousness. To quote…


Swallowing Shadow: You can either be good or whole, but not both- C. G. Jung.

Posted by Frank Beurskens on May 24, 2013 at 8:00am 1 Comment

"The first duty of the ethically-minded person is, from Jung's psychological perspective, to become as conscious as possible of his or her own shadow. The shadow is made up of the personality's tendencies, motives, and traits that a person considers shameful for one reason or another and seeks to suppress or actually represses unconsciously. If they are repressed, they are unconscious and are projected into others. When this happens, there is usually strong moral indignation and the…




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